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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I hope you can somehow get one pretty soon. Whenever I get something I hate to have to use a pre-order. For one I'm just terrible at waiting and have the patience of a hyperactive kindergartener. I'm one of those guys where if I can't get something within---at most----a month or two after ordering it I'd just as soon not bother. I have real problems with's one of my really bad weaknesses and it sucks. lol! If my shipment of something kept getting delayed over and over again I'd be mighty tempted to just say "f it," cancel it and get my money refunded. I hope you can get the 1701-E one way or another and in mint or near-mint condition, AY. Keep checking eBay from time to time because you never know if a boxed Enterprise might pop up there for a lot less than $199.
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