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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Sci wrote: View Post
On top of that, we know from "Emissary" that he had a history of wanting to run away from his problems...
But never, not ever no-how, does he abandon his child; even in the depths of his pre-"Emmisary" haze he stayed with Jake.

Sci wrote: View Post
And unlike the stereotype of the "deadbeat dad," Sisko left Kassidy and Rebecca because he felt he had to do so to protect them, not out of selfishness, drug addiction, or apathy.
You're aware that this excuse is used by actual deadbeat dads too?

Elias Vaughn wrote: View Post
I would like to point out that, without getting too spoilery, Plagues of Night does deal with the issue of Sisko being a 'deadbeat dad' in a not unpleasant way.
THIS. I had a lot of issues with DRG's characterization of Sisko in Rough Beasts and I'm still not the happiest with him in Plagues of Night...
, but things are much much improved. I mean, DRG's a very good writer after all.

Overall, the book is very good, though I'm... really not sure what to make of the ending other than

Luna: "They're quite gentle, really... But people avoid them because they're a bit..."
Harry: "Different.
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