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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

As I noted the child is the main difference. Which you seemed to ignore.

Also again how about the Prophets, by your argument I could make the same argument that he is screwing family every time he ignores them. They got a claim correct.

Okay Jake made a choice to come.

No he has a burden to explain it to her and divorce and talk out the issues face to face because his justification is protecting her and they have a child. In the first case, he was going home but the main matters he had to deal with was Wormhole closed, A war and one of his best friends dead. None of that was related to or directly concerned her and while it affected her there are clear differences that you seem to want to ignore.

Right and I think he was right there and see no critical difference in these scenarios.

Look DRGIII is a white male a writer and Avery Brooks is a black male who played the character for 7 Seasons. Who do you think I am going to trust and believe has a better understanding of the character and stereotypes about Black Males? DRGIII should defer because the TV Show is the main canon and the books are based on the tv show. Even if he does not defer, based on that he should be well aware of the associated strereotypes and the problems. He walked into and got hit by a firestorm. So yes did some go over the top yes but the Trek Fanbase is no different then any other fanbase and I have seen worse.

I mean really to the lay person. Trek looks like this thanks to lit. Janeway getting fridged, Sisko turned into deadbeat and everything going just right for Good Old Boy Picard.

As for the mini spoiler well it was hard to get much worse. But welcome news none the less.
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