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Re: The changes in the Enterprise-D bridge in Generations...

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I thought it was ugly. I don't care about the reason.
Yep. The TV version was a lot better.
We are in agreement, gentlemen.

I often see the GENS bridge being held up as better than the television incarnation. But I think a moodier lighting scheme and more bridge stations kind of misses the point of the television bridge. What appeals to me so much about the 1701-D bridge was the way it had that clean, uncluttered look. Compared to so many sci-fi series which have dark and dirty ships full of hundreds of pointless blinking background computer screens that we may never actually see anybody using, the 1701-D's decor was fresh, bright and completely different to anything else on television. It was unique. And that counts for a lot.

While I do understand why they made the changes that they did in GENS (the darker lighting hides the fact that the sets built for television looked a bit on the cheap side for a movie production), for me the television version has just got a certain... something which the GENS version lacks.
Indeed. People moan about the "living room" feel. that is what I love about it. Best bridge ever in my opinion (E-D...Series that is).
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