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Re: Fan Filmmaker's Primer

^^^Thanks, Middy. We missed having the full crew there this time.

Following up on the above, here are two photos taken on set that illustrate our setup.

The first thing you probably notice is now crowded everything is. That's pretty typical when shooting closeups and tight angles. You often have to carefully weave your way between C-stands and other gear to get in near the talent. This is why you put SANDBAGS (like these) on the bases of all the equipment: to prevent a bump from starting a domino cascade of falling equipment and/or things hitting people.

Oh, I'm the schmuck in the rocking black and white fedora.

Finally, here's a frame from yesterday's "Martini shot" (because the next shot is in a glass ). It doesn't matter that some of the equipment is in shot because those will be cropped out with a garbage matte. The green merely has to be behind the items in the shot: in this case the actress, props and faux bartop.

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