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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

theenglish wrote: View Post

Once again though, DC has a number of gay characters (or had in the old universe). Making a big deal of adding yet another gay character just reeks of a sales grab. They already demonstrated their "forward thinking" ten years ago.

Absolutely. If I was the writer of Batwoman, I would be pissed at DC editorial...

Hound of UIster wrote: View Post

I was responding to the main thrust of your argument in the above post: that he was from an alternate universe, but Alan Scott was always an alternate universe idea in the DCU. In the Silver Age he was from Earth-2, in the post-Crisis he was a character folded into the composite Earth and now post-FP he was is back in Earth-2.
Yeah, I know. That has very little to do with my argument. Which is: All of this what to do about a gay character, and he's not even a part of the "prime" DC universe. He exists in Earth 2... Not a particularly BOLD statement... THAT'S the thrust of my argument.

If it was Tim Drake, or Booster Gold, or Green Arrow, THEN, all of the hullabaloo might MEAN something. Hell, Batman, that would be Brave AND Bold.

But, a character that is hardly iconic, in an alternative universe that only has 1 book... Come on...
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