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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

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I've began reading your first story Emancipation, and here are a few thoughts:
Thanks for giving it a shot. I hope you'll stick with it.

I liked the script format, as it conveys scenes, rooms and events quickly, precisely and smoothly. It also appears that your chapters (or episode length) is about the same size of an actual Star Trek script, so it's a quick read which I also like.
That's the aim, to be episode-length. They're all around 60 pages ish, which is probably a touch long, as I understand it a typical hour-long episode is about 50 pages on the theory that one page of script equals one minute of screen time, with room for it to tighten up in editing. But thereabouts.

Despite being completely unfamiliar with the characters (I have never read the DS9R books!) I am hopeful your story will help me become familiar with these characters without feeling I'm missing out on too much previous information/stories.
Ep 1 is specifically designed as like a recap here-is-where-we-are kind of thing, hence all the admirals coming to rehash everything. Any questions, feel free to ask. If it helps, the Even Odds is the same ship Jake encounters in "Rising Son."

I actually have barely created any new characters at all in the whole season. In almost every case I prefer to see what happens next with the characters we already know.

TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

Read DS9 SEASON 10 and DS9 SEASON 11 !
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