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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Well, based on the YouTube video I assume it's been in production and has been shipping. I don't follow Art Asylum very well these days so I wasn't aware of any delays with the 1701-E. Unless the guy in this video has connections inside the company and got a pre-release copy of this Enterprise I guess it's already out on the market and available to buy.
I've had mine since February 2006, so um, yes they're on the market.
Damn...that long? Didn't have a clue. I guess Admiral_Young is just late to the game getting one or something. I hope he can score one, because from the demonstrations on the video it looks like a very, very cool ship to have. TREK merchandise has kind of gotten the shaft the last few years.
It was supposed to come out in around the last three months of 2005, but everyone ended up getting theirs in early 2006 due to delays.

It's not bad, it's certainly one of the most accurate models of the Enterprise E you can get and has some good electronics.

But every model has some details missing, the upper side of the nacelle pylons aren't painted, the life rafts on the black "speed marks" on the saucer are missing and the saucer/stardrive connections for the upper and lower halves of the toy don't meet properly.

It's not terrible but it's not perfect either and some really clumsy construction. I found some photos of mine taken back around 2007-2009.
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