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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

And here's season 9:
  • 9x01 Unjoined 1 - Dax returns to Trill to deal with fallout from the parasite crisis. *
  • 9x02 Unjoined 2 - Dax discovers secrets from Trill's ancient past; terrorists attack.
  • 9x03 Waiting for the Mist to Clear - Jake goes walkabout on Bajor and meets a troubled young woman.
  • 9x04 The Officers' Club - Celebrating with Sisko, Kira relates a harrowing tale from the Occupation. *
  • 9x05 The Lotus Flower - Vedek Yevir visits Keiko O'Brien's reclamation project on Cardassia.
  • 9x06 Miracles - Yevir, O'Brien, Garak and Macet work together to solve a hostage crisis.
  • 9x07 Saturn's Children - In the Mirror Universe, Intendant Kira plots her return to power. *
  • 9x08 No Place Like Home - Shar returns home to attend Thriss's funeral with his bondmates.
  • 9x09 Paradigm - Shar must rescue his kidnapped mother in a dangerous Andorian jungle.
  • 9x10 Fragments and Omens - An attack on a small Bajoran village brings up disturbing questions.
  • 9x11 Sale of the Century - Quark is contacted by Ferengi who want to remove his brother Rom.
  • 9x12 Satisfaction Is Not Guaranteed - Quark, Nog and Ro investigate the accusations against Rom.
  • 9x13 Malefictorum - A mysterious closed-door murder frustrates Ro's attempts to solve it. *
  • 9x14 Lost Time - Nog investigates strange signals from the abandoned Empok Nor. *
  • 9x15 Wounds - Bashir is trapped on an alien planet with his Academy nemesis.
  • 9x16 Olympus Descending 1 - Odo looks into the real reason the Hundred were sent out by the Link.
  • 9x17 Olympus Descending 2 - A distressed Taran'atar visits the imprisoned Female Founder.
  • 9x18 Renegade - Vaughn pursues Taran'atar, who has kidnapped his daughter Prynn. *
  • 9x19 Warpath - Comatose in sickbay, Kira receives a worrying vision from the Prophets.
  • 9x20 Slave - The true mastermind behind Taran'atar's attack and escape is revealed.
  • 9x21 Fearful Symmetry - Flashbacks reveal the terrible life-story of Iliana Ghemor. *
  • 9x22 Back to Life - A distrustful Kira begins to plan her counter-attack against Iliana.
  • 9x23 The Soul Key - Kira arrives in the Mirror Universe, where there are more surprises in store. *
  • 9x24 Ha'mara - Iliana moves towards her final plan, with results no-one will expect.
* Yes, The Lotus Key was published first, but Unjoined is first chronologically and makes for a much bigger and more interesting season opener.
* This is the Kira story from Tales From the Captain's Table, which turns out to have some amazing thematic connections to the seasn 9 arc, and I detailed in a thread here.
* This is the DS9 story from Obsidian Alliances, which I adapted almost exactly as is, making it the only MU episode to take place completely in the MU with no crossover to the RU (well, until ENT's "IaMD" came along anyway). I did however replace the Sloan character with Vaughn, just 'cause, and like "The Officers' Club" found some interesting thematic connections.
* I changed all three SCE crossover episodes pretty heavily. I rewrote Malefictorum to completely remove the SCE characters and just focus on the DS9 characters, and in doing so created what I think could have been one of the best Ro episodes ever (and again with the thematic connections). Lost Time keeps the SCE characters but I substantially changed the story, bringing it down to a much quieter character piece and adding extra subplots. And Wounds went down to one ep instead of two, and added a station-bound subplot with Dax and Kira.
* Warpath adapts into three separate episodes, and FS and TSK into two each, which makes a nine-part continuous arc to finish off the season.
* Unlike with Mission Gamma, I wove the Kira and Iliana stories together in these two eps, because I liked the way they reflected and bounced off each other.
* This one ends up with a pretty fascinating structure, if I do so say so myself, all based around the three-way conversation between Kira on DS9, Smiley on Terok Nor, and Iliana on the Negh'Var. The previous ep ends with it from Kira's POV. This ep starts with it from Smiley's POV and follows the plot after the attack, while more of Iliana's flashbacks build up as the B-plot to the point where the ep finishes on the same conversation from her POV. I find that kind of non-linear storytelling fascinating and wanted to try my hand at it.

DS9-R fans! Want to know what happened after The Soul Key?

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