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Re: Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

In fact I did, and I do!

Here's how season 8 rolls out:

( * indicates look below for an explanation )
  • 8x01 Avatar 1 - As the station undergoes repairs, rogue Jem'Hadar ships attack.
  • 8x02 Avatar 2 - Kira discovers a worrying ancient prophecy on board the station.
  • 8x03 Avatar 3 - A Jem'Hadar tries to destroy the station; Kira solves the prophecy.
  • 8x04 Cold Fusion - Nog meets the Starfleet Corps of Engineers at Empok Nor. *
  • 8x05 Reflections - Ezri recalls the true story of how she was joined to Dax. *
  • 8x06 Fallout - As Kasidy learns Jake has gone missing, Kira deals with consequences. *
  • 8x07 Rogue - Section 31 recruit Bashir to go after one of their own agents. *
  • 8x08 Abyss - Bashir and Dax fight an insane superman in the Badlands.
  • 8x09 A Stitch in Time - From the devastated Cardassia, Garak reveals his formative years.
  • 8x10 Divided We Fall - Dax's ex-wife is taken hostage, and Dax herself is the price. *
  • 8x11 Gateways - All of Starfleet reacts to a new galaxy-wide threat.
  • 8x12 Demons of Air and Darkness - Kira is lost on a deadly planet while Taran'atar battles for his life.
  • 8x13 Horn and Ivory - Kira finds herself reliving her life in Bajor's distant past.
  • 8x14 Twilight - Vaughn prepares for the Defiant's new mission to the Gamma Quadrant. *
  • 8x15 Haunted - Vaughn and Prynn crash-land on a mysteriously dead planet.
  • 8x16 Baby Steps - Quark deals with some unexpected news while trying to woo Ro.
  • 8x17 Empathy - Shar and Dax clash over how to deal with an alien planet's problems.
  • 8x18 This Grey Spirit - Bajor begins difficult peace negotiations with the Cardassians.
  • 8x19 Cathedral - Bashir, Dax and Nog are affected by a bizarre space-borne artefact.
  • 8x20 Twist of Faith - Surprises keep coming as Bajor prepares to join the Federation.
  • 8x21 Lesser Evil - Kira hunts down a new enemy responsible for the attack on the station.
  • 8x22 Greater Good - Vaughn and Prynn clash when a Starfleet signal is detected in space.
  • 8x23 Rising Son - Jake's incredible adventures on a pirate ship in the Gamma Quadrant.
  • 8x24 Unity 1 - Defiant returns to find Deep Space Nine under seige from Cardassians.
  • 8x25 Unity 2 - The crew try to contain the parasite threat; Vaughn receives a vision.
  • 8x26 Unity 3 - Kira goes to Bajor for a final battle against the parasites.
* Nog's story with the Da Vinci crew is the A-plot; the B-plot is the getting-to-know-you party from Avatar that I didn't have room for in those episodes.
* The Ezri story from The Lives of Dax, even though the title is from the Jadzia story.
* "Fallout" is actually a "new" episode that I created out of four subplots from Abyss, Twilight and Lesser Evil that I lifted out and wove together here.
* I always thought the titles of the DS9 and TNG S31 books worked better the other way around anyway, so I used the TNG title for the first half.
* I rewrote Divided We Fall to completely remove the TNG characters and focus just on the DS9 characters, and I also found a way to tie it into the developing parasites plot in a pretty nifty way.
* For the MG books, I started with a one-off introductory. Then I split the AQ and GQ stories off into their own individual eps, focusing on just one at a time and swapping back and forth between the two crews.

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