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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

21. Sucker Punch: B-
22. Knight & Day: C+
23. Mechanic: B
24. Devil: A
25. Dark Shadows: C+

This movie was about one rewrite away from being something really good. The only version I saw fully was the 13 episode 1992(?) relaunch attempt. That was a very well done show with great production values that did not play as campy as some of the reruns I'd seen on the emerging Sci-Fi channel.

The first act of the movie plays things as straight and serious as one might expect for a Burton film. The origin, unrequited love, revenge, and introduction of Victoria Winters were all good elements of the fist act. The state of affairs for the Collins and Collinwood were all well portrayed.
It's when act II starts is when the film begins getting into the more silly, although at first it's not bad. But by the time you snowball down to the films conclusion just enough little silly things, that didn't have to be, build.
The final fight scene between Barnabas and Angelique just didn't feel like much. My lack of familiarity with the show aside the revelation about Carolyn and her, ahem, condition is just a left field moment.

Overall it was better than I'd heard. The soundtrack was good, the cinematography was nice and if the film had stayed with the tonal elements of the first act throughout the film I think it would've been better.

Oh, and modern Alice Cooper making a cameo in '72 was just another WTF in the film imo.
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