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Re: Star Trek A To Z

I'm off to Alpha Centauri. On the trail of Zephram Cochrane. He went there from Earth and disappeared.
I'm off to Beta Niobe. It went supernova and destroyed the planet Sarpeidon, but the nova cloud is amazing!
I'm off to Capella IV, to mine me some topaline before those treacherous Klingons get their hands on it. .
I'm off to Deneva, now those pesky parasites are gone.
I'm off to Earth...never anyone's bitch. Not the Xindi. Not the Romulans. Not the Klingons. Not the Dominion. Suck on some Terran awesomeness!
I'm off to Ferenginar to score some naked Ferengi hotties
I'm off to Gothos to visit the silly Squire that resides there
I'm off to Heliopolis City on Alpha Eridani II. I want to solve the mystery of who stabbed all those innocent women to death back in 2156.
I'm off to Iconia. Hopefully I'll then be able to complete the rest of the journey in a few steps.
I'm offf to Jarada to meet some bugs.
I'm off to the Klingon fleet graveyards. I hear you can get a decent gently used Bird-of-Prey if you have cash. As in a crate of latinum
I'm of to Lazon II to rescue Tom Riker
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