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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"

So I know I'm late to the party right now, but I needed to chime in...

I'm really really enjoying reading your scripts, lvsxy808. I love my DS9-R and TNG-R and all the other TrekLit we've got these days– but Star Trek is best done in one or two hour long TV episodes. And these scripts capture that really well.

Reading these make me feel like I'm watching the original DS9 episodes over again for the first time. Except the stories are different, and, for the most part, I don't know what's coming next. That's a great feeling.

One thing, in particular, that I like about this format is that it allows for "light" stories like "Property Values." In the novels, we don't get these brief interludes (most of the time). The novels are like DS9's story arcs, like the Final Chapter, written in prose. Lots of Big Deal Things happening, with little narrative time available for stuff that isn't universe-shattering. I really enjoyed how "Property Values," and "Steppin' Out," were completely self-contained, but still tied into larger narratives. Great stuff.

Specific to "Property Values": (spoilers ahead, obviously!)
-I liked Vic and Treir sleeping together. They both deserved it, and I think it was handled well.
-Nog's speech to Quark, convincing him that he really believed in female equality, rang very true to what would have been done in the original show.
-the confrontation of Malic was perfect. It felt, to me anyway, like those great ensemble moments like the last scene of "Take Me Out to the Holosuite," or the scene on the Promenade from "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang." Again, great stuff.
-I enjoyed the use of the Ferengi "Merchant Navy," and the subtle, but appreciated, fleshing-out thereof.

Comments on a few other episodes, included here for convenience (I hope you don't mind, I just figured it was better to necro one thread instead of several; I can edit, copy-and-paste and repost if you prefer):

-"The Dream Box": Oh. My. God. This. Was. Freak. Ing. Awesome. Ghemor's assassination (differently than I had expected!). "Unkee Ga'ak" (!!), paralleled with Mev's demise. The very convincing depiction of Cardassia's re-descent into Hell. The way the almost completely unrelated teaser ties into the penultimate scene. I think this would have been one of my favorite DS9 episodes, had it been produced.

-"Instinct": Though a very solid follow-up to "The Dream Box," I find this episode aesthetically displeasing. Don't get me wrong, the story is excellent. O'Brien's behavior is all-too-believable, and Kira's, though I personally find it a little less believable, is also very plausible. The problem is that two characters acting stupid but in-character is still two of my favorite characters (particularly O'Brien) acting very (understandably) stupid. So that was less enjoyable. Still, great moments: Ambassador Taran'atar at the negotiating table (actually, that whole scene), Kira playing with Yoshi, Nog dressing down O'Brien. (Though, on the topic of "things sacred," I think you may have broken the rules, showing Bashir and O'Brien in the holosuite! )

-"Deep Down": Loved the parallelism of the three characters having nightmares. The teaser was great, and really foreshadows what we will see in Zero Sum Game very well. I must admit, I am not entirely convinced that Bashir would react quite as immaturely to his bad dreams as he does in the episode, but I suspect that that may arise from just reading descriptions of what's going on. I bet that if I saw (visually, not verbally) Bashir being as drained by the lack of sleep he was under, I would find it easier to believe.

-"Easy Come, Easy Go": The meaning of this episode's name did not hit me until about 2/3 of the way through. And I realized, oh snap, she's not pulling any punches! Real mid-season cast changes! Holy crap! But seriously, it was a great realization. Bringing Shar back (though sort of inconsistent with Paths of Disharmony, though I think you can retcon it by fudging the years...), bringing Taran'atar back and Vannis in, great ideas. Opaka leaving: But I feel like you have exciting things in store for her. (Side note: loved the developments between Shar and Prynn; very believable and very tastefully done.) And then the kicker: getting rid of Ezri. Full disclosure (brief rant ahead): I really don't care for Ezri. She was okay on the show, but has gotten less and less okay as time went on. The way she treated Bashir in Unjoined, in particular, teared it for me. And I don't like what she's become either. Shrugging off Picard in Destiny = the sign of an idiot, in my books. Way too smug and full of herself, for my tastes. And the way she acts in this episode does nothing to soften my opinion. She knew the announcement of her transfer was going to be announced soon, and she should have told Julian in private beforehand. "There was never the perfect time," is a lame, lame excuse. So you tell him at an imperfect time, Ezri. Grow up. [rant over] I found it poignant that no one came to say good-bye to Ezri at the end; kind of a DS9 ritual, seeing people off at the airlock. Very telling, and very believable that no one comes.

-"Blank Slate": I liked this. Seeing some of those missing gaps in Ro's story was really great. And seeing Quark treat her so, well, tenderly, was great as well. It felt like a little bit of the story was missing, though. Like the story skipped from 80% completion to 90%, right before Ro gets "all better." Felt like there should have been a little more there. I suspect some of this was the cost of the (totally necessary) attention paid to Taran'atar's storyline. I thought Ro's return to hypo-dependence was well-done, if more than a little bit depressing. Again, though, it felt a touch contrived: is Ro going back to it because of all the horrors in her past that she's reexamining? It felt like there was a small piece of the puzzle missing.

and lastly (for tonight– I've binged on these, and I need to go to sleep!):

-"Steppin' Out": I love this episode. I have a soft spot for Vic episodes, and this one is very well done. A perfect example of why people should still keep writing Trek scripts. This story has a punch to it, a very well-executed building drama and a very satisfying pay-off. I think I actually cheered the first time I read the part where Bashir gives Vic the emitter. And Vic's fantasy DS9 is an excellent twist, and very plausible given the development of the character.

Have I made clear how much I'm enjoying these and how much I'm looking forward to reading the rest?

Side question that you need not feel obligated to answer: would you mind posting the "episode lists" for seasons 8 and 9, possibly describing in appropriately general terms what parts of each novel went into each episode? I'm really curious how you divided them up (or squeezed them into one episode, like "A Stitch in Time" [!!!] or "Rising Son"). Obviously I understand the need to respect the original authors' works, but I feel like you could show how you split them up without it being a problem.

My apologies if you have already done that elsewhere, and, of course, I'd completely understand if you didn't feel good about doing that.
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