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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I am not sure we agree on the definitions of anything we are discussing. I don't agree with your definition of family or stereotypes.

If I don't count her has family then it does not count as dumping family. He ran home and took Jake with him and went to his dad's house. In my book, not dumping family. The Prophets have just as good if not a better argument for being Family. So do I count every time he abandons them as dumping Family?

No leaving her after you have a young daughter and divorcing long distance is what make its a major douche move. Even in your first case, he had bigger things on his plate and his leaving while having an emotional impact was not directly related to her. This time he is dumping her and its all about protecting her so a much different scenario. Where he has a burden to at least do a good job explaining himself and breaking off the relationship if he thinks its needed. Also depending on your definition of not living up to your family it may very well apply in this case scenario.

Although help me with something, Avery Brooks got the series finale rewritten because it hinted at this stereotype. Now do u think him leaving at the end was the right move because if you do then u have to explain what makes these scenarios so different that this one would not be exactly the same type of situation Brooks demanded a rewrite in.

Sure I suppose some might see it as consistent. My point is though that DRG should have been prepared for the firestorm. He did something that there is no possible way he could not know was going to get him heat.

Good Point on Maywheather getting laid.
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