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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Was he married to her yet? No, so then not abandoning family.
Well, that depends on whether or not you think that marriage is a prerequisite for one's partner to become your family. I come from a tradition that says that unmarried partners who have been together for a long time and live together are just as much family as those who marry.

By Season 6, Sisko and Kassidy had been together for years -- it was, at the very least, an incredibly insensitive and douchey thing to do, and I'm not sure that leaving her after being married is actually all that much worse. So Sisko does have a history of up and leaving.

Now on the issue of the stereotype. First, I don't believe its consistent with the character.
Is it that it's not consistent, or that it's an interpretation that you disagree with? Do you concede that differing, even contradictory, interpretations can be equally consistent with the canon?

I'm not sure how you can argue it's not consistent. He has a history of wanting to run away; he has a history of running away; he has a history of leaving Kassidy without much notice; he believes strongly that the Prophets can and do give him accurate information on the future; he believes strongly that his continued presence would endanger Kassidy and Rebecca.

It's not necessarily an interpretation I would have gone with, but from where I'm standing, it's a characterization that is consistent with prior characterization.

Second, I am not sure I agree with u on how stereotypes work. They are broad strokes that paint whole groups of people, the individual details don't matter.
Yes, but even those "broad strokes" stereotypes involve something more than just a divorced couple. (After all, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce anyway.) What defines the stereotypes against black fathers are the other factors -- the stereotype that they abandon their wives and children to be promiscuous, or because of drugs; the stereotype that they don't pay child support and don't live up to their responsibilities as parents. The "deadbeat black father" stereotype is about more than just black divorces -- it's about the reasons for and manners of those divorces. It's about maliciously attributing racist beliefs about black male irresponsibility and emotional apathy to all black men who get divorced. Those stereotypes, to put it simply, are not about black divorce; they are about racists saying, "Well, black men don't really love their families the way we white people do."

Sisko's situation in no way resembles those stereotypes, other than in the vaguest of terms as a black man who happens to get divorced. His reasons for that divorce are completely different from the stereotypes of why black men get divorced.
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