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Re: Space Quest creators are making a new game

This is honestly amazing!!!! The happiest news I have heard in years regarding classic gaming.

Anyone who considers them self an old school gamer should be familiar with the Space Quest series. They are legendary in their sci-fi, humor, and countless homages and parodies of star trek and other great sci fi franchises.

If you love star trek, adventure games, and humor, space quest is right up your alley.

The Two guys from Andromeda deserve this shot, and I for one am going to pledge at least $115 to this project. (The rewards you get for donating are pretty impressiv as well... 8x6 autographed pieces of art, easter eggs personalized to you, t-shirts, old school game boxes, beta testing access, bundle credits, producer credits in the game, and much, much more...)

Just made the front page of!
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