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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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He never ran away from his family before
He left Starfleet, his command post, and his partner in "Tears of the Prophets." He gave Kassidy no indication when, or if, he would return; frankly, he's damn lucky she was willing to continue their relationship after what he put her through during the S6/S7 break.

On top of that, we know from "Emissary" that he had a history of wanting to run away from his problems, and that only the intervention of the Prophets helped him face them -- and we know from the prior DS9R novels and from Rough Beasts that he now feels abandoned by those Prophets.

And, further, he honestly believes that his presence in Kassidy's life endangers her and Rebecca.

So, yes, it's fair to question whether or not Sisko is making a good choice. But a lot of the ways Sisko's behavior was characterized -- "he's a deadbeat dad," etc. -- are inaccurate. They're not predicated on an understanding of the character or where he's coming from, why he's doing what he's doing.

so yeah I disagree. Not to mention the execution of said divorce was pretty darn awful but whatever yeah I view it as an arrogant move.
And that kind of personal attack is why the author chose to stop posting here. He made a creative decision you disagreed with based upon a well thought-out interpretation of the character; instead of simply acknowledging that you two view the characters differently, you accuse him of arrogance?

I'm sorry, but that is creating a hostile environment. It's not fair to the author, and I cannot blame the author one bit for not wanting to hang around an Internet forum where people use his creative decisions as an excuse to insult him, even if it's only a handful who do that.

You are clearly a supporter it seems though.
I wouldn't necessarily call myself a supporter. I don't know that I agreed with DRGIII's interpretation of Sisko -- but I also don't disagree with it. I think that a couple of different interpretations of his personality are valid and consistent with both what the canon and the previous Relaunch novels established, and DRGIII's is one of them. It may not have been what I would have done were I the author, but I'm not willing to just condemn his creative decisions without trying to see things from his POV, either.

Still the fact remains the move supports the Stereotype regardless of the writer's intentions.
Let me put it this way: I think it's legitimate to talk about how Sisko's decision to leave Bajor and petition for divorce has some parallels but also some major divergences from the stereotype of the black deadbeat dad. And, remember, there are major differences -- you can't accuse Ben Sisko of not paying his child support, or of doing it because he wanted to bed new women, or of doing it because he's addicted to drugs, or any of the other "bad black father" stereotypes. The context is completely different: Sisko is not an oppressed minority whose family lives in an urban ghetto; he's a citizen of an egalitarian society with a post-scarcity economy in which a standard of living equivalent to what we would today call middle-class comfort is guaranteed for everybody. And unlike the stereotype of the "deadbeat dad," Sisko left Kassidy and Rebecca because he felt he had to do so to protect them, not out of selfishness, drug addiction, or apathy.

Now, if you feel that the decision comes too close to the stereotype even when taking those very major differences into account, that's also valid. I completely understand a POV that says, "We shouldn't even be in the same neighborhood as that stereotype, even if it's consistent with the character's personality and even if it has enough divergences that it's not truly consistent with the stereotype."

But if you're going to say that, you need to structure what you're saying in a respectful way towards the author, to recognize and accept that no such parallels were intended, to acknowledge where the decision diverges from there stereotype, and to see where the author is coming from if he honestly feels it's a creative choice consistent with that specific character's personality.

Some people did do that -- but others didn't, and were more interested in condemning Sisko for being a bad parent than in understanding why he made the choices he did, or why DRGIII made the choices he did. That's not being fair to the author.
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