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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Well I am not sure about the sex scenes one.

But when it comes to Rough Beasts what exactly was he expecting?
First off, DRGIII made it clear that he wasn't leaving because of the reaction to Rough Beasts in and of itself -- he was leaving because he felt that the overall atmosphere here at TrekLit was too negative and hostile.

Secondly -- the man was literally accused of perpetuating stereotypes about black men, and the events of the novel were constantly inaccurately described in order to justify the unrelenting negativity people had towards it. These were not fair critiques because they didn't critique the novel on its own terms, they critiqued the novel on things that did not actually happen. And he was accused of perpetuating racist stereotypes to boot.

So, between posters who accuse him of turning Edith Keeler into a "whore" (that poster's words) and posters who engage in the above behavior, and the generally unrelentingly negative attitudes and hostile comments some people have here in TrekLit? No, I can't blame a writer for feeling as though the atmosphere is unfair and hostile, even if it's only a small minority of posters who are like that. We're not entitled to their presence here, and if they're not having fun or feel that they're being treated unfairly -- well, hey, I can't blame them for leaving. That's not "throwing a hissy fit," that's deciding that you're not going to waste your time with negative, unfair people.
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