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Re: Voyager: An Alternate Journey 02: Voyager Tales

Part 3
Daniel, Kathleen and Katelyn left the Coffee emporium and entered the shop next door, which advertised ‘strange items from all over the League.’ “This seems interesting,” Kathleen said as she picked up a small object that resembled an elongated ocarina.

“That is a fluarina from the rainforests of Ilamol on the Olipal continent of Taloprenii,” the proprietor of the establishment said.

“Fluarina? Are you sure that you just didn’t make that name up?” Kathleen asked, unsure if the Universial Translator had goofed in trying to parse the word into English. ‘And now back into the League’s trade tongue,’ she thought.

“That’s what it’s called. The peoples of Ilamol are isolated, they hardly get any visitors from offworld.”

“You have any music to go with it?” Kathleen said. She could play both the flute and the ocarina, but wasn’t sure about how to go with that strange instrument.

“Of course.”

“I’d like to have some.”

“I’ll just get some sheets,” the proprietor said.

“I’ll wait,” Kathleen said.

“You think it’s worth it?” Daniel asked.

“I think so,” Kathleen said.

The proprietor soon returned with the sheet music. “Here it is,” he said.


“That will be 20 credits.”

Kathleen grumbled as she handed over the credit square. ‘I’m almost out,’ she thought.

Janeway had called a meeting of the senior officers for the mid-afternoon, ship time. She gave them time to return to the ship from their investigations of various parts of the station.

Chakotay arrived first. “Something has come up?” he asked.

“Apparently there’s a xenophobic polity in our path,” Janeway said. She loaded the path of Voyagerthrough League and Kalanari space on the viewscreen.

Chakotay looked at the map. “I see, and going around it will take time?”

“It would add tenweeks to our journey.”

“That doesn’t seem that long.”

“With all the diversions we have taken lately we’ve almost re-added the amount of time that Kes took away.”

“If they’re xenophobic it may not be worth the risk.”

Janeway was about to say something in response, when Harry, Tom and B’Elanna entered the observation lounge.

“Something has come up?” Harry asked.

“Certainly, Mr. Kim,” Janeway said all business.

“A threat on our new path?” B’Elanna asked sarcastically.

“You can say that,” Janeway said.

“What is this threat?” Tom asked as he pulled out a chair.

“A xenophobic species in our path. I will explain more when Tuvok, Seven and Neelix get here.”

“Sure,” Tom said.

Five minutes later, Seven entered. “I apologise for my tardiness; there was a lot of traffic in the station’s corridors and turbolift system.”

“You could have called for a transport,” Chakotay said.

“I would have if took a minute longer to get back to Voyager.”

“Understood, Seven,” Janeway said.

“Has some information of importance arisen?” Seven asked.

“Yes, I will explain when everyone is here.”

A minute after Seven arrived, Tuvok and Neelix entered the observation lounge. “I apologise, Captain, but Mr. Neelix insisted at stopping at almost every stall to look at some item or other.”

“Only about half of them, Mr. Vulcan,” Neelix objected.

“Please, sit,” Janeway said.

“I have received information that we are headed towards a xenophobic state,” Janeway said.She indicated the diagram on the screen, which showed Voyager’s path through League and Kalanari space. “They are called the Kalanari.”

“Kalanari?” Seven asked.

“You’re familiar with them, Seven?”

“Yes, although the Collective hadn’t encountered them for decades.”

“I see,” Janeway said.

“If I had known that their territory had expanded, I would have recommended a different route around the nebula, and indeed to the Ixazeroan Homeworld.”

“They are that xenophobic?” Chakotay asked.

“Yes,” Seven said.

“So you say that we have to go around?” Janeway asked.


“Seven, what of our original course to the Alpha Quadrant, would we have had to alter course?” B’Elanna asked.

“No, Lieutenant, we would’ve avoided both the Kalanari and the League entirely, although we wouldn’t have avoided the nebula.”

“And if we resume course for the Alpha Quadrant now?” B’Elanna asked.

“We would avoid the Kalanari but not the League, and we would still be heading to the nebula,” Seven said.

“Resuming course for the Alpha Quadrant is not an option, Lieutenant. We are going to the Ixazeroans, Seven what if we just alter course, so that we cross less of Kalanari space otherwise?” Janeway input commands to the viewscreen such that the course of Voyager shown changed. It then showed the alternate route she had talked about to the station second in command.

Seven stood up and walked over to look at the alternate route. “The Kalanari would still attack us, Captain.”

“How strong are they, could Voyager resist them?”

“Against the Kalanari of a few decades ago, yes. But we do not know how they have advanced.”

“We could find out, Seven. We find out from the League on the way,” Harry suggested.

“However, there is an alternative,” Tuvok said.

“What alternative, Tuvok?” Janeway asked, wondering.

“It is a possibility that the League has faster warp drives. We could ‘hitch a ride’ in the bay of a sufficiently large ship across their space, and around the Kalanari.”

“That’s a valid suggestion. I will investigate, but there is no guarantee that they would agree to ferry us in that manner, or that their drives are fast enough to overcome the extra distance,” Janeway said.

“it’s still worth considering,” Tom said.

“Agreed,” Janeway said.

“I hope so,” B’Elanna said.

“Today, we gain more information about the League. Tomorrow, if their drives are fast enough, I will approach them about hitching a ride,” Janeway said.

“Agreed,” Chakotay said.
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