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Re: Does anyone else dislike Keiko O'brien?

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At least Rejal's bickering (Gilora, not the poster Gul Re'jal) wasn't intended to destroy, and Rejal was willing to admit when she was wrong. I never saw Keiko do the latter part.
I liked Keiko O'Brien's character. Some of you are commenting and saying that she always whines and moans at O'Brien but it's not really that, it happens when problems arise. Keiko is probably the most realistic wife Star Trek has ever portrayed. Seriously my parents are happily married for about 22 years, but every day there is always some little problem where a few heated words or complaints are exchanged.

That's marriage (and life; two people cooped up together are bound to inevitably argue), but as O'Brien says you then kiss and make up because you love your spouse. I also thought Keiko was the dominant one in the relationship (well in family matters anyway), and in nearly every marriage you always get one partner who tends to be (to a lesser or greater extent) a bit more prominent, vocal and dominant than the other.

Besides just because we haven't actually seen Keiko admit she is wrong about something (though she must have done so once in an episode) doesn't mean she's stubborn and all. I'm pretty certain that Keiko and O'Brien's marriage would not have lasted for so long if Keiko could never admit she is wrong.
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