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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Well now that the seemingly non-daring non-news has broken back to our regularly scheduled nu52 discussions or am I the only bored by this "big news"?

In my pickups this week:

I,Vampire #9 - I continue to enjoy this series upon trying the characters brand new with the relaunch. The first #1-3 issues were a bit slow but the pace and story since then has risen. Ruling the NAm vampire army in Utah was a good read this week. Andrew's overture that you can leave if you fight me was a challenge quickly taken up by Mary. Should be an interesting next issue since the prior Andrew v Mary fight was interrupted by Cain in the first story arc. However, it appears that the Van Helsings are likely to interrupt this fight based on the issues conclusion.

Justice League Dark #9 - Hot damn this title has taken off. This one issue was as enjoyable as the first 3-4 issues. The title also took off slow but has gotten better from that point. I'm not reading WW, has Steve Trevor shown up over there? Is this issue his first reappearance in the nu52? I like how Constantine called him "the Amazon's boytoy"! The stoic stare by Steve was great! It's also the first time a member of the team hears the actual words 'Justice League Dark', I await the others to hear the term coined upon them by Argus. Who is this Black Orchid? Is she Abbey from Samp Thing? That was a rumor. I like how Andrew is tied in to this version of the "team" by Constantine after the I,Vamp&JLD crossover last issue. And they mention how Andrew needs to 'get back to his army'.

Still got Aquaman and All-Star Western to read.
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