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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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How can they describe Alan Scott as a major and iconic character? He has been a minor character the longest time and he's definitely not iconic.
Iconic characters are recognized outside of the comic book nerd herd, Superman, Batman, Robin, The Joker etc. are iconic DC characters, Alan Scott is on "Is he the iconic characters boyfriend?" level as far as the public is concerned.

DC really screwed this one up, it would have been fine if they hadn't drummed up interest by doing a press release, but you can't do that and than reveal it's Alan Scott, the guy who exists in another universe.
One million moms made a big stink about it, right now I bet they're scratching one million heads thinking "Who?!

If DC had balls they would have picked someone at least slightly recognizable like Superboy.

All true! Especially the "iconic" part, and I get tired of it's continual misuse, especially by fanboys who like old characters.

But yeah, I'm sure there's a collective "WHO?!?!" Going on in non-comic circles right now.

Oddly enough, neither CBR or Newsarama have updated their pages as of 3pm Central time with this news.
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