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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

A rather silly thing for anybody to do, considering Brazil is one of those countries where patriotism is still very conservative. If a Brazilian citizen did what Jericho did, you can bet they'd be thrown in jail.

Stuff like this has happened before in wrestling, where performers have seemingly got carried away whilst heat seeking. I think everyone remembers the JBL incident in Germany where he goose stepped around the ring and performed Nazi salutes. The difference is that in the last few years certain things have happened that have forced WWE to perform damage control and present a cleaner, more professional product.

The last couple of years have seen some harsh sanctions including:

- Daniel Bryan being released for "choking" Justin Roberts with a tie.
- Dave Finlay being released for booking Miz to interrupt the national anthem during an event in which the National Guard were in attendance.
- Randy Orton being axed from the lead role in The Marine 3 as the real life US Marines complained because Orton recieved a dishonourable discharge for going AWOL on two occasions when he was a member of the corps.

With Jericho being suspended indefinitely, it goes to show that seemingly no one is immune from consequences these days.
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