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Haha, loved hearing what happened, Robert. You should see what we did with the TNT you gave us. Xan built a little house on Kes' island and filled the basement with TNT, and the aftermath is north of her village. Huge hole that goes right down to the bottom. It's incredible.
I posted some images on the server forum. I also posted a topic about a giant sheep pen we made. It's all coloured wool and open to everyone. Warp is listed on the other forum as well. Just don't kill the sheep!

We ended up making the outer wall because skellies were showing up and killing off our sheep.

Also I wish I didn't care about people on the server because I totally am a griefer at heart.

It amuses me to think the skellies were killing off your sheep! The nerve of them! I guess they were simply jealous.

And you, a griefer? Never would have thought
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