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Re: Minecraft

If you try the snapshot, be sure to back up all your worlds. Seems its corrupting a lot of peoples maps.

Yeah, the Enderchest's will probably be more useful in solo games. But aside from mini PW setups, it'll make doing trades between players a lot easier. Just both of you stand next to a chest and pop your trade items in.

Oh liquid dispensers. Can finally make me some traps.

Also apparently Emeralds are found inside the larger mountains.

Here's a video of all the new features. Looks like you're safe Owain. Its only small pyramid/temples. Be careful of this part of the vid though, as it spoils a temple surprise.

The trading system looks like fun.

Oh, theres a 'b' version of the update now. It changes the menu system in Creative mode, and Emerald ore is now green.
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