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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

The Monk
Vincent Cassel is many things, but he's not young or exceptionally handsome, so he's a bit of a stone's throw from the Monk's Ambrosio. A rather dour if largely faithful adaption of the Matthew Lewis novel, it lacks the vicious schadenfraude that the novel so gleefully indulges in with its title character. Passable, anyway.

The Raid
The background of the plot is kept fairly vague, the answers to the fillm's raised questions about as useful as just restating the questions. The action can occasionally feel too obviously choreographed. But it's a great concept - a raid gone wrong in a massive tenement building by and for criminals, playing up the claustrophobia and isolation of the police officers - and there's plenty of memorable setpieces. I'd be surprised if any movie I see in cinemas this year has better action, that's for sure.
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