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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

53. Alien (A)

I'm not really one for horror or monster movies, so I haven't seen this until now, but with Prometheus looking to be a big event this summer I thought it was probably time to check out Scott's other sci-fi opus from his early period. I thought this was far superior to Blade Runner, which I didn't think had much to offer apart from what has now become a pretty rote style. Alien's look, on the other hand, while it's been copied plenty since, still holds up much better, and on a level of atmosphere it's superb. Scott knows how to keep the audience constantly on the edge of your seat in the second half. The first half, a rather Kubrick-esque (with more grime) depiction of duty on a space freighter, has a few "when are they going to get to the fireworks factory?" moments, but it functions well as leadup. Sigourney Weaver is marvelous in what would become her defining role, though Ripley is still a mere mortal in this, not RIPLEY of sci-fi legend (from the clips I've seen of later films, it's rather like comparing Season 1 Jack Bauer to Season 8 Jack Bauer).

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