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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Is Neal a Georgian native?

How long was 'the Void'?

Are all the vignettes going to be different lengths too as the episodes are which I think is a good idea now, though the uneveness might be offsetting to some (I hope not) because it breaks with format and expectations somewhat.

'Archway' sounds like a wickedly awesome idea. Did you write it (you devil) or Dave?

Looking forward to the larger opus bigger canvas of 'The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky's'. When do you guesstimate that will be ready to be uploaded?

What was the name of the last vingette?

More serious question. Do you see the webisode series community growing and giving rise to Netflix and Amazon going viral with their series lineups and movies, etc, whatever that means? Is this a viable outgrowth of the industry considering the startup thing with Marc Scott Zicree's 'Space Command' that is gonna put JJ's Trek to shame and the latest direct to video fan film franchises that could see new life on tv or netflix and/or Amazon someday?
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