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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished the first of the Star Trek Destiny books. It was pretty good. I liked having a few different main parts of the story. That said, Troi is a complete idiot in this book. I get that there are major emotional issues, but if nothing else the first officer should have demanded she get taken off duty, reguadless of what Riker wants. A counselor thats exposing herself to mortal danger for no reason is not mentally stable, and shouldn't be on active duty. That said, I still liked the book.

Next, Star Trek - The rings of Time, and the second Destiny book.

Also, I got the Franz Joseph Star Fleet Technical Manual today. It is awesome, so much cool stuff. I don't care if most of it is considered unoffical, and some of it actually contradicts stuff established later, its great. The Ptolemy, Federation, and Saladin/Hermes classes are awesome. I love all the detail he put into things, like writing the whole Federation constitution, and putting a toilet on the bridge. I was lucky to get a very good copy of the book (for a book printed in the 70's, its in great shape, very solid and not fragile at all) for about $6 with shipping. Its worth 3-4 times as much.
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