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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Yeah, I know. I mean...Nom Anor? If most kids see him they'd probably think he's a new version of Skeletor from MotU or something. The only people who know who Nom Anor is are usually grown adults familiar with the post-ROTJ Yuuzhan Vong books and graphic novels. Similar goes for Kithaba the Skiff Guard. I mean, there are adults who don't know who on earth he is so what are the chances some eight-year-old is going to see him on a store peg and beg his parent or parents to get "the Jabba guard guy" for him? I had to be reminded which character Kithaba was before the figure came out, so what chance does an elementary school tyke have recognizing many of these figures? Just relabel them "Adult Collectibles" and make things plainer and easier. Besides, the CLONE WARS line is still there for the kiddies if Hasbro wants to aim part of its product at the under-13 set.
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