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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Well let's say you want to play more than just the canonical Jedi Knight story which ties into the recent Revan novel. With a purchase and 1 mo subscription you get 2 months of game-time, which should be more than enough to finish 2 class storylines, preferably in dif factions so as to maximize the diversity of the experience. Group content is important because unlike most flashpoints, the Maelstrom Prison (pub)/ Foundry (imp) series are entirely different for both factions, and when played in that order, also clear up a lot of Kotor 1 & 2 loose ends. Therefore one could argue that you paid 40 bucks each for 2 lengthy sequels to Kotor, and you really can play solo for most of it and still fully unravel what's there in terms of sequel-content. Sure, you don't exactly own the game in the sense you can boot it up months later and redo a storyline (given the time commitment, why would you want to?), but hey, pop in another $15, and behold, yet another story set in the same timeline, just with less saber action!
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