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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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I agree with jasons policy however I do not feel that it was a meltdown as you have described.
Trouble is he wasn't having a go at the usual troublemakers, he was having a go at some of his biggest supporters, who'd already paid 75.

I didn't get involved, it was too tempting.

But it was certainly an error in PR, hence him editing it, and not even mentioning it's been edited I note.

I'm curious to know where people would stand legally though. Giving people 24 hours of then to change their minds, I assume he emailed everyone to tell them?

He's certianly not impressed some people I know who are dedicated photo people. Not the best of results when a potentially credible alternate is now on the scene.

Not that Doctors pull out.

Admiral Bear wrote: View Post
Shamasters has been copying its competition for years.
Certainly amusing that a 5 Doctors photoshoot is 'something he's wanted to do for years' when he's always been against charging such fees for big cast shoots before, that other shows do.

Admiral Bear wrote: View Post
Latest announcement:

Bob O'Reilly, JG, and Gwynyth Walsh in full costume.

Sorry, but

Can't you just tell Shamasters are getting all the guests for this event. Given the crazy ticket prices, there's no value for money here so far.
Don't see anything wrong with them. It's the appeal of them being in costume that's the draw here.

They had the guys over last year. Can't remember if they said at the time it would be the only chance people would have to get that chance in the UK or not now. He certainly says things like that.

I'd imagine there shall be at least 3 dozen guests, daft not to have that many. That's where they will make the real money after all.

Trouble I noted with his last (failed) Trek events - they are their own rivals. Why spend money going to expensive weekends when they get the guests at the regular shows? It would certainly be a stronger line up if they could add Frakes and Ryan, but they are doing their other event.
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