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Re: Star Trek A To Z

I see an Andorian.
I see a Bolian.
I see a Caitian.
I see a Dopterian
I see an Efrosian
I see a Ferengi. Wait...Where'd my wallet go?
I see a Gorn. Walking. Very, very slowly.
I see a human. A hideous, hideous human! Look at its smooth, ridgeless forehead and unformed brow. That's a shot I guess.
I see an Iconian
I see a Jarada
I see a Kelvan
I see a Lactran
I see a Metron
I see a Napean
I see Odo
I see a Pakled. Please make him go!
I see a Q. And Picard never hit him!
I see a Rectyne Monopod. Keep it away from the Klingons!
I see a Suliban. Or do I?
I see a Tak Tak
I see a Undine. Or is it Boothby?
I see a Vulcan. Peace and long life, Sir.
I see a Wogneer Creature. They're extraordinarily rare in this sector!
I see a Xindi Insectoid. Where's the Raid?
I see a Yridian. Hiding his face. Call Odo. There may be a reward for this guy.
I see a Zathras. Wait ... I must be sloshed.
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