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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

...I have to wonder, how hard would it be to mod the game to work as SP? I mean all the content files are on your HD, no? What can a server do that your own machine cannot?

Honestly, the only thing that's stopping me from getting this game after trying it out is the damn subscription fee. If it was a SP KotOR 3 then I wouldn't hesitate to buy it...but it's not and I don't like the idea of buying a game which I must continue to pay to in order to keep playing it. I mean you wouldn't buy a coin operated book would you? It wouldn't be *quite* so bad if it was just a subscription, but they insist that you "buy" the thing as well.

At the moment I'm inclined to just wait until LucasArts gives up and converts it to a F2P game. From what I've read, between dwindling server and an increasing number of inactive subscriptions (most of which will probably lapse by the end of the month) and the news that Bioware is sacking a substantial portion of the support team, that'll probably happen before the year is out.
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