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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

Well, the Batman is the exact same Batman the Dark Knight version, that I have somehow managed to avoid picking up at all, so this doesn't matter so much to me. Alfred uses the same body as Harvey Dent, from what I can tell, but it's freaking Alfred! More than that, it's Michael Cain! as Alfred! Now we need a Lucius Fox! Bane is all new, and he's easily the best of the bunch. I don't know if I'll love the character in the movie yet, but I love this figure.

All three of them come with a build-a-figure part, but this tike it's a bit different. It's more of a build-an-accesory Bat-signal. So, I have half of a non-functioning Bat-signal right now. From what I can tell so far, though, it looks like it's movie accurate in both design and scale. The rest of the pieces will come with the second wave which will be Catwoman, John Blake, and a mystery character.
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