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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

Its not his calling, its more his attitude I don't like. I in no way think he is a homer, I agree with you on that whole heartily. I don't even hate him, just don't prefer to listen to him. I actually like to watch baseball with the sound off, like if you were at a game.

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With their ever changing lineup, I don't know who is worse, Ken Singleton or Michael Kay. Then the parade of ex-yankees who swing by the booth to be the color guy. While they are all better then Keith Hernandez, its still not great to listen to.
I like the Yankees TV guys. I don't understand why people hate Michael Kay so much - it's not like he's an insufferable jackass like, say, Hawk Harrelson. Kay's not afraid to point out when the Yanks do something wrong. And he's not a homer - sure, he yells "See ya!" just a little bit louder if the Yanks hit a home run than if the other team does, but he doesn't openly insult the opposition, again like Hawk does.

Ken Singleton? Meh. He's not bad, but I like MK better. As for the color guys: Al Leiter really needs to switch to decaf.
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