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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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Of course if you are saying people like GSITG are wasting their time, and shouldn't be supported either, you don't give a lot of other options for people to support and meet stars at.
I haven't said Treble Ace are wasting their time. . yet. But they certainly will be if they continue with the deceitful and illegal business practices, the less than honest advertising of the talk admittance policy and many other parts of the event, the shambles that was the entry system, and a lack of anything to do once inside. If you want to do well, it's not hard to tell the truth.

I'm also seeing reports surfacing that nearly 2 weeks on, people are still waiting for refunds for missed photoshoots, and that emails are going unanswered, plus refund requests for the Voyager cast shoot dating back to just after Kate Mulgrew cancelled (2 1/2 months ago?) are still unanswered. And it looks like Mark Ambler, who was exceptionally talkative before the event, has now got nothing to say for himself in response to people's complaints, and has gone dark.

I think the damage has been done to GSITG. Assuming this event made a huge loss (assumption based on the withdrawal of the 4 for 3 offer on the Sunday despite the place being relatively empty), it probably won't be around much longer, and TBH it doesn't derserve to be when it's run by the type of people who think nothing of pulling a fast one.

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A case of better the devil you know for Jason?
I just tend to think of him as a necessary evil. I have no choice if I want to meet certain actors.
Quite true. The saving grace about Joiner is that he's usually entirely predictable. Did you seen his latest hysterical meltdown? Sadly it's all been cleaned up. I think there might be a cut and paste somewhere.

Ah, here we are. Subspace communique coming in to the Admiral's office right now. . .Apologies for the appalling English, it's all Joiner speak.

if a doctor or two has to drop op then we will not refun the total ticket price we will deduct the cost of the doctore that is not attending the shoot , if more that two doctors do not attend then the shoot will be canceled and a full refund will take place .

one or two of you seem to have a bee in your bonit about this matter and as such we will just tighten our small print as it seems the odd person on here feels the need to create some drama over nothing , its funny how we get asked by one or to people over and over again to put gurop shoots on and then we get all this over it .

well i do not feel i just cant be bothered to try again if this is the drama that come of this , i could just do with out this realy .

so for the one of two of you thats going to go off on one again you have 24 hours to cancel your order for the 5 doctors shoot if you do not like the rules that you have now been informed of .

after 24 hours the tickets are sold under this agreement and if a doctor or two drop out you will just get there cost of a photo op refunded of the total price anf if more than 2 drop out then the shoot will just be canceled and you will then receve a full refund .

sorry to all the fans out there that are happy we are tryoing to put this rare chance photo op together we lookforward to seeing you enjoy this on the day

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