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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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Well, it seems that the return of Thanos in Avengers Assemble will also signal the return of The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Peter Quill is back from his seeming death in Thanos Imperitive. Do we know if the Nova who showed up in AvX was Richard Rider or not? Rocket Raccoon is shown, but no Groot?.
Bendis addressed Groot:

Bendis: Hey listen, I can't stop you from inferring. [Laughs.] It's going to be a lot of Groot. Lots of Groot. Dark Groot. Mighty Groot.

Nrama: But he's not on the cover to Avengers Assemble #6.

Bendis: He's in Drax's belt buckle, in the back, kind of sticking out of his butt a little bit, like MacGruber.
Which brings me to something I just realized, we've been focusing on Peter Quill being back, but I don't see any mention of Drax being back. In The Thanos Imperative Thanos killed Drax using some kind of bomb, with the implication that, even in the Cancerverse, Drax wasn't coming back. To me, it's more interesting that Drax is back than Peter.
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