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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

The Project: Potemkin Film Expo went well. Attendance was a little light (due to their schedule change, we were suddenly up against American Idol with local musician Phillip Phillips competing), but we all had a good time watching the episodes on the big screen.

The very last VFX shot for S01-E "Miscommunication" has been uploaded, and I'm finishing the editing process tonight. Now on to Neal Manning for scoring and Steve Gallant for sound.

S01-F "The Engineer's New Clothes" is well underway with Bill Walker's excellent Engineering room serving in the background. Bob Reed is working on the green screen shots.

S01-G "Archway" -- we shot additional footage earlier this month with Doug Harper. This is going to be a good episode, and the new footage should solve a few problems with the episode. Alex Patrick Merrill is working on the VFX.

S01-H "Devil in the Details" -- Mark Brennan is hard at work on the VFX for this vignette. This one should be a fun one!

S01-2 "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" -- as the VFX for the vignettes above are completed, the VFX artists will be assigned shots from this upcoming episode. Presently, I'm guestimating it might be 90 mins long. Rick Foxx has done a masterful job of editing it, and we've only a few voiceovers left to record. We got most of them earlier this month.

We're well underway with the shooting for Season 2 with two vignettes in the can, another being shot in June, two in July, two in August, two in September, and then two in October. We're working with half a dozen writers right now, and are very pleased with how it's all turned out.

We've met quite a few talented people at the TrekTrax convention in Atlanta and at our Expo in Albany. This weekend, we'll be represented at Phoenix (AZ) Comicon (Rick Foxx and Alex Merrill) and at Phoenix (AL) Alabama Phoenix Festival (Renda and Tim Carr).
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