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Re: Does anyone else dislike Keiko O'brien?

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I like how, during the crisis with Winn and the school, she teaches lessons about Galilei and stuff, as though she thinks she's the new Galileo or something, lol.
She was just as bad as Winn in that episode--just as harsh, bigoted (ironic since she rightly disliked it when O'Brien used racist language). There would've been more respectful ways to teach a science lesson, without compromising the science and without disrespecting the Bajorans. It could've been as simple as allowing an optional field trip for those students whose parents signed a permission slip, to visit the Bajoran temple to hear a cleric provide some history from a Bajoran perspective, and an assignment or field trip worth equal credit for those students whose parents did not want them to go to the temple.

And I found the way she treated O'Brien to be very unkind and as Rush points out, it would've been more widely decried as unacceptable had the genders been swapped.

The other problem I have is that she should've known what she was getting into as a military spouse--that she would either have to spend a lot of time separated from her husband, or go where he went, regardless of the conditions. I would expect the husband of a woman in the military to make the same concession.
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