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Re: The changes in the Enterprise-D bridge in Generations...

As i understand it the production staff had wanted to add additional consoles to the Bridge for years (and did so in Yesterday's Enterprise). The issue was never SHOULD they add more consoles...they all wanted to. The Issue was the fact that additional stations meant that they would need to pay extras to man them. The TNG bridge, compared to all of the others, had relatively few extras in most episodes. People tend to forget that that bridge was designed to DEEMPHASIZE its role as a command center...which is why it had so few stations. Imagine what fans might of thought if we'd gotten some of the other bridge concepts that featured even fewer stations but made up for them with things like couches and one even had what looked like a restaurant booth.

Speaking of weird set changes in Generations...the oddest one to reconcile for me was the change in engineering. In Encounter at Farpoint there are actually 4 corridors that run into engineering. After the pilot that number was reduced to 2 and the entrances were rather crudely covered up with large computer panels. They stayed that way for seven years. The amusing part about the change was that despite the addition of the computers they never bothered to change the carpet to reflect the fact that the opening was now a wall. So if you look closely at set pictures, you se the beige border on the carpet, that usually curves with the walls, just turn and go straight into a wall for no reason.

For some reason in Generations they removed ONE of the computer panels, so that there were now 3 corridors running into Engineering. There does not seem to be a good reason for them to do this, and it does beg the question as to why Starfleet specifically built a new corridor for engineering. You cannot even use the excuse that the corridor was always there since All Good Things shows us engineering from before the pilot and the computer walls are in place just as they had been the rest of the series. (I'd always just ammued that they were supposed to have been there from the start and that the Early engineering set in the Pilot was just a work in progress. I don't think that they had originally planned to spend much time there anyway, so the early set was pretty bare)
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