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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Fantastic Four 606-- Well, they can't all be winners. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a bad book, but the mystery of where the F4 are is a little easy to figure out and falls a little flat in the end. This is the fourth done-in-one that Hickman has delivered since his big story ended, and the other three have all been winners, so I can forgive a little slip. This issue was much more accessable than the 605.1 issue was, and this probably would have been a better choice for the .1 issue.

Captain America 12-- Part 2 of "Shock to the System" reveals the identity of the new Scourge and those who are backing him. For a while there, I thought that Brubaker was going to promote Henry Peter Gyrich from "government pain in the ass jerk-face" to bonafide super-villain status, but am strangely relieved that he didn't.

As for the identity of the new Scourge I have a feeling that...

... is being used or controlled. He may not have always been the most mentally-stable of heroes, but one could never doubt his sincerity.

Journey into Mystery 638--Part four of "Exiled" sees Loki regain his memory, the New Mutants valiantly trying to restore order, and the other heroes of Asgard finding their heroic nature come forth, if not their true memories. Fun stuff.

OK, so for those who read Jason Aaron's Incredible Hulk, let me see if I have this straight-- In a twist on Banner's usual attempts to cure or separate himself from the Hulk, this time it is through the efforts of the Hulk that it has happened. Hulk went to Dr. Doom for help in ridding himself of Banner and the Doctor complied. Doom separated Hulk from Banner and gave all of the "good" to Hulk and the "bad" to Banner, turning Banner into a mad-scientist type.

Hulk and Banner battled resulting in Banner's "death". But somehow now, when Hulk calms down, he reverts to a Banner who is still "Evil-Scientist-Boo!" Banner. Therefore Hulk, in order to keep Evil! Banner from escaping, has to constantly "Stay Angry". That about right?
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