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Re: Janeway in the cases of Quinn and Tuvix

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..but it does because Sisko biological mother was a Prophet, which made Sisko equal to Bajorian Jesus. Sisko like Jesus was part God.
That's not how I remember it? What I remember is Benjamin's mother was a Human Woman, who the Prophet possessed and manipulated into marrying Benjamin's father, so Benjamin would be conceived. When the Prophet left his mother, she "fell out of love" with Benjamin's father and that's when she left the house.

So, perhaps, there is some Prophet in Benjamin, due to his biological mother being possesed by the Prophet during conception, but, the Prophet is not Benjamin's biological mother.

Am I remembering wrong?
Either way, the point was Ben is part Prophet.
Sindatur is right, Sisko was genetically human, not a hybrid. A prophet possessed Sisko's mother and guided her but didn't change her. If sisko had been something other than human, that would have been in his medical records. All they did was maneuver events to ensure his conception.

As fo the Jesus comparison, that's opening a whole other can of worms.
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