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Re: Kolchak: The Night Stalker (original)...

I was a 16 year old nerd back in '74 when The Night Stalker was on Friday nights. The original tv movies (which I own on dvd) hooked me a few years before, so no way was I gonna miss Kolchak

Anyway, I saw the show was on Netflix and watched The Ripper last night. The climax was somewhat similar to the original movie (searching around in the dark, creepy house because apparently otherworldly monsters love themselves a good, decrepit rental ). Losing his cool in the closet after the ripper's several attempts to hang up clothes cracked me up - think he was having a Barry Atwater (who, of course, played Surak in TOS The Savage Curtain) flashback I'm looking forward to the whole series again after lo these last 38 years that have passed by
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