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Re: House: Series Wind Down Thread (Series Discussion, Spoilers!)

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I only just caught the second-last episode on Hulu today. So felony vandalism is enough to get his parole revoked but strangling a patient isn't? Seriously?
Foreman indicated that he had been able to cover up such incidents in the past (keeping them from the authorities) and that he was unable to do so in this case.
You're totally missing the point. He almost murdered a patient while the patient's mother was looking on. And there were absolutely zero consequences for it. Even if that hadn't gotten him immediately arrested, it was evidence that he was psychologically disturbed and a danger to himself and others. Foreman wouldn't have covered that up; he would've had House institutionalized again at the very least.

Heck, even if Foreman would've covered it up, even if the mother and the patient could've somehow been persuaded not to press charges or even report the crime, there should've at least been an acknowledgment that the event had happened at all. It should've warranted serious and heated discussion and an explanation of why it had no consequences. Instead, they just showed it and forgot about it from then on, and that's just sloppy writing.
Your point wasn't clear. I responded to why one action led to a revoked parole and one action did not. It is clear that Foreman would rather neither action led to serious consequences.

We can come up with various motivations for Foreman (loyalty, confused ethics from years of working with House, a desire to keep his job, etc.), but Foreman made his bed with House way back at the beginning of the season. He let House come back to the hospital despite House ramming a car into Cuddy's home while knowing that a little child could be wandering under the window. Everything since then has just been an extension of that decision.
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