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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Behind the scenes story on Defiance.

They keep talking about how the game and show are being developed "together" but I still don't see how the game could be integrated into the show without being counterproductive. Having a character show up in the show and talk about what they did in the game sounds silly. If it's germane to the TV show, they should include that dialogue anyway. If it's not, why waste our time?

I suspect that minor details from the game might be brought into the show, but for the show writers to wait for a battle in the game to take place, and then work that into the show, wouldn't be feasible unless it's between seasons, I guess. Even then, I don't want to see stuff from the game used if it results in inferior storytelling. If they want to use the game for ideas on how to take the story, then that's fine, but the overriding principle should always be, what's good for the story.

The show looks very politics-focused, with Julie Benz' character at the center of a lot of pushing and pulling between competing interests, very B5-ish. Which sounds great, but not at all conducive to being integrated with an action-oriented game.

In the series, there's definitely a focus on it as a sci fi/Western, but they don't seem aware of the irony of having the St Louis Gateway Arch prominently displayed as a symbol. It's a symbol of the gateway to the West, which of course means, it's not actually in the West. Also, it never fails to remind me of one-half of a McDonald's sign, but that's probably just me.

They're using digital sets to portray a very futuristic/alien looking St Louis. I hope the show succeeds because this could be a good stepping stone for doing future shows in an actual alien world.

Here's the clip:
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