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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I guess I'm just unimpressed with it's turn rate. A BoP can just hang out in my torpedo blind spot no matter how fast I turn or what direction I go.
The thing is with the Galaxy... you don't need to turn if you set her up correctly.
Yes, a BoP can sit in your torpedo blind spot, but then it has to deal with 6-8 beams which won't kill it instantly, but after it's initial resistances are gone will make it run like hell.
And if you unleash a FAW II it's a sight to behold.

Just say byebye to doing alot of burst damage.

Depending on situation you can provide sustained support damage to keep your enemies on your toes, but mainly you can soak up so much damage in a Galaxy and/or heal your teammates while doing that.

If played correctly the Galaxy is a phenomenal anchor in a battle for the rest of the fleet.
It has so many engineering abilities, maybe even one to many... the last engineering ensign is a bit redundant, at least on the VA version.
That's why you probably prefer the assault cruiser, starcruiser (has a sci ensign instead over the galaxy) or Odyssey if you got access to it.

That said, even a Galaxy Class can give a BoP a little torpedo scare if you hit evasive and reverse engines to turn really fast.
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