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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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On a different topic, who here thinks the off-duty uniforms should be made available to our Boffs? I bought the DS9 bundle, and was hoping to put the vedek uniform on a purple Bajoran boff, but was disappointed when it was only available on my main toon.
For that matter, I just completed the 2800 arc and got the Jem'Hadar tactical officer, only to be disappointed that I couldn't change his uniform (Starfleet, man! From now on, *I'M* the First.)
Yes! I felt the same thing!

So I wanted to add another admiral level ship to my stable, and picked up an assault cruiser for a change from my fleet escort. But man, do those ships require a different set of BOff skills. As a result, I've expanded my BOff slots and added a couple more tactical officers whose abilities are more beam related rather than cannon. I think I'm going to go so far as to create a full bridge crew for both styles of ship--Cruiser and Escort.

I'm not good in the assault cruiser yet. The borg blow me up so freaking fast. I can actually keep my escort intact for far longer. But I love the look of the Sovereign.
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