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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

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They only would have needed the one decale sheet that came with the kit since the only the markings the ship had were the name and registry on top the saucer.
No, the registry was also on the nacelles:
Y'know, this picture almost makes it look like the registry might have been something else at one point. You see the area around the zero? It seems to be whiter than the surrounding area, like someone had started off doing something different and had to change it by scraping/sanding the decal off an already-painted/battle-damaged hull. The zero and the second one also appear to be lighter than the first one and the seven, like they might have been drawn in with pencil to match the font rather than a decal. This is really weird, now that I look at it more closely.

Edit: On second thought, it could also be a reflection of the direct lighting used to illuminate the model for filming. Can't tell on a still image.
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