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Yeah, the use of the original white costume was a nice touch. I don't much care for the visual style of Legacy, the way it's reduced the Grid to near-monochrome. In the original movie, only the characters/programs had monochrome lighting; the world they inhabited was richly colorful. And it wasn't just a CGI approximation of the physical world, but embraced the exotic and abstract. I was bugged by the scene in this pilot where the Beck character ended up in a snowbank. That's just too mundane an environment for the Grid.
While the costumes were obviously cool as hell in the original, the world itself never did much for me. Even allowing for the simpler technology, the overall look was just way too flat and grey for my taste.

I found the black and neon look in the sequel to be MUCH more visually striking. And actually having mountain ranges and oceans makes the world somehow feel stranger and even more mysterious, I think. It makes you wonder "how the heck did that happen?" And plus, as we know from today's videogames, it's not that hard to simulate the natural world anymore. It only makes sense that something like that might pop up over there now.

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